Imagination Lost

Imagination Lost (2011)

Album Notes

Wisdom, mischief, and raw power permeate the epic, mature compositions of this heavy chamber music. Spanning the realms from metal (Iron Maiden) to art music, from motets to psychedelic rock (Pink Floyd) there is something here for everyone’s musical imagination.
This is the 3rd album release from Edmund Welles. For you bass clarinet enthusiasts, we apologize that it has been 3.75 years since our last album release.

Some of these songs and arrangements took a longer time to ferment than had been originally expected, but now it is complete!

These last 10 years in the Bay Area and beyond, we have had the pleasure of performing or sharing the stage with many of our friends, mentors and colleagues such as Sleepytime Gorilla Museum; Brian Kenney Fresno; Clarinet Thing; Gyan Riley; Arrington de Dionyso; Faun Fables; Los Angeles Electric 8; Spezza Rotto; Extra Action Marching Band; and Medeski, Martin, and Wood. We have been featured at International Clarinet Conventions 2008 and 2011, the Vandoren Clarinet Ensemble Convention 2010, Switchboard Music Festival 2008 and 2009, and the SF Bang on a Can Marathon 2008. We have also been warmly welcomed into the institutions of UCLA, San Francisco Conservatory and California Institute of the Arts as well as the towns of Claremont and Pomona, CA in a performance and wisdom-of-the-craft imparting (masterclass) capacity.

This album features new directions and continued development of old themes, and is intended as a concept album in the tradition of Atom Heart Mother, Passion Play, Thick as a Brick and Sesame Street Vol. 2.

We are so fortunate that the inventive and insightful Ash Abdullah collaborated and donated artwork for this album: the theme of exercising your Imagination at least as much as any other muscle could not have been better supported by any other artwork in this case. All of these images were selected from her groundbreaking Tarot deck Diary of a Broken Soul, which opens doors into realms rarely explored anymore in our secular, industrialized, digitized age.

Dan Rathbun and Mark Stikman of Polymorph Studios in Oakland helped bring the epic vision of this album to life. By adding the contrabass clarinet playing of Jeff Anderle, the drumming of Micah McClain and the vocal prowess of Gene Jun into the ambitious arrangements, the logistics of tracking and mixing grew beyond the scope of previous Edmund Welles studio endeavors. You can hear the results for yourself: thanks Dan, Mark, Micah, and Gene!